When Jonathan Gonzalez started his young boyhood in Southern California, he had no idea where life would lead him.  The three special collections Fragrance, Décor and Private Label were developed out of a love and memory for various sites and smells he continues to remember and recollect.  Throughout his life, he has found a strong enveloping passion for the oceans, nature, the earth and the glowing fire of the sun.

From the deserts of California to his new life in Miami, the seaside vibes are etched in his memory.  Gonzalez has managed to weave his enchantment with Miami’s embrace of art and its tinge of hedonism into his craft.

Not all candles are created equally.  The hand-made luxury candles cost slightly more than their machine-made counterparts because they are always made by master craftsmen and only the highest quality mix of raw materials is used to develop the collections.   They are made with meticulous attention to detail and respect for the natural beauty of plant-based wax and unusually exotic fragrances.

The Collections are sold online, by appointment, in a variety of regional retailers, and in-person, trunk shows, and special events throughout the year.

The mission of the Rey de Flor is to help our patrons heighten their experiences and imagination through the amplification and spark of new memories created by the candle collections.  We further want to foster love and appreciation of handcrafted candles and to further explore the possibilities of what can be created.  Being client centric, we are passionate about our responsibility to preserve and advance this all-important candle making art form.