Your Candle Is 100% Natural and Non-Toxic

Our special candles creations are crafted with the highest quality. Your candle will be formed with ingredients from Certified Natural Palm Wax farms in Colombia or Malaysia which are certified for using only sustainable agricultural practices.

Unlike other candlemakers, we do not use non-sustainable, uncertified soy, hydrogenated products, harmful petrochemicals, paraffin or GMO seeds which are all considered ill-suited for a candle and your good health.

We Care About Our Planet

Palm Wax is a renewable resource from the fruit of the Elaeis genesis palm. We only us product from certified palm wax plantations – all specially grown to be sustainable and not produced at the expense of forests or the Amazon. We ask you to buy palm oil/ wax products made only from certified sustainable palm plantations or farms.

What is Soot

Small amounts of smoke that is a natural part of the burning process of your candle health. The wax is the fuel and the wick is the delivery system. High quality candles will have a minimal of soot or even smoke. That will not leave black residue behind. Excess soot or even smoke is evidence of a chemical off balance. However, normal soot could be cause by air flow or drafts.

Keep out of Drafts/ Air flows.

A common cause of soot is drafts. Avoid your candle around any excessively air flow such as ceiling fans or windows as smoke or soot may result.